Desperate times: Out-of-work miner offers rum for job

Jobs cuts in Australia’s mining industry have really taken their toll: Australian Mining reports that one man has offered to give a bottle of rum each week for six months to the person who can find him a job in mining.

Raymond Burnham, the man in question, estimates the total value of his offer to be about $800. The unemployed trade’s assistant has been out of work for one month.

Burnham is not the only one taking desperate measures to secure employment. Australian Mining reported that one man posted an online advertisement offering $1000 cash to whomever finds him a job in the industry.

Australia’s mining sector has suffered greatly in the past few months with the coal sector cutting 11,000 positions in July – analysts believe this figure may triple.

Rio Tinto recently cut 78 positions at its Argyle diamond mine.

According to a study by the Grattan Institute, Australia’s mining boom, which began around 2002, helped drive unemployment below 6% over the past 12 years.