Diamonds made from cremated Australian stolen while en route to grieving parents

A pair of diamonds made from the cremated ashes of a deceased Australian man have been stolen while en route to his grieving parents.

KPRC-TV reports that the two diamonds made from the cremated remains of Kyle Thomas, a 25 year old Australian national who was killed in a sporting accident, were stolen during transport from Singapore to Australia.

The diamonds worth $15,00 were made from Thomas's ashes by Switzerland's Algordanza and shipped by UPS from the company's Houston office.

Upon arrival in Australia, however, Thomas's parents found the two jewel boxes devoid of their supposed contents.

Algordanza founder Veit Brimer says this is the first such incident in the company's 8 year history and that he is "devastated" at the news.

The company says it has commenced making replacement gemstones using the remaining ashes from Thomas's cremation.

The conversion of the cremated remains of loved ones into genuine diamonds has become an increasingly popular means of commemorating the deceased in recent years.

Companies such as Algordanza and Illinois-based LifeGem can transform the ashes of loved ones into gemstones of various dimensions and colors for a consideration of between $3,000 and $25,000.