Diamonds made from human ashes the industry latest (and creepiest) fad

It surely sounds dark, but for some the possibility of converting the ashes of cremated loved ones into a diamond could truly be a jewel to remember. And that is exactly what Switzerland-based jewellery maker Algordanza has began offering through its so-called memorial diamonds.

As explained in its website, the company uses “Russian technology” to convert the naturally occurring carbon present in human bodies (about 18%) into diamonds.

Using roughly 500 grams of ashes, the firm is able to extract the carbon present in human ashes and use it to form a man-made diamond in a mould under high pressure. The process, which takes about a week, yields mostly blue gems because of certain chemicals in the human body.

Algordanza offers a variety of diamond sizes and cuts that can be placed on a ring or other jewellery pieces. Prices run higher than conventional diamonds, starting from about $3,000 depending on the size and cut.

The resulting diamond will be “an everlasting keepsake, remembrance, or heirloom to pass to future generations,” Frank Ripka, CTO of Algordanza, told Business Insider.

This company is not alone. Chicago-based LifeGem claims to be the original inventor of these kinds of gems, saying it holds the U.S. patent for memorial diamonds.