Diane Francis thinks Thomas Mulcair is a much bigger problem

National Post columnist, Diane Francis, counts the ways she believes Thomas Mulcair is failing as Leader of the Opposition, and while the NDP and ruling conservatives are currently neck-and-neck in the polls, she lifts the urgency of what could entail from Mulcair's stated views:

Clearly, the guy is way over his head and this makes him a national problem. Instead of a person who raises alternatives through thoughtful, nuanced debate on important issues, there is now a socialist who lives in a parallel universe. There is now Mulcair who lives in the lap of the luxury he rails against, offers ruinous prescriptions that attract headlines and does not do his homework.

On the other hand, Mulcair is good news for the Tories but Canada faces serious choices and needs intelligent conversation. This is not a country that exactly has the next century at its feet.

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