Diemme Filtration Won Amoras: “State Of The Art” Project For The Maintenance Of The Antwerp Port

56_2Diemme has been awarded by SeReAnt (a joint venture with Dredging International-Deme Environmental Contractor-Jan De Nul-ENVISAN) with a very important supplying of Membrane Chamber Filter Presses for the project AMORAS (Antwerp Mechanical Dewatering, Recycling and Application of Silt). The project will be a permanent and ecological solution for storage and recycling of dredged material in the port of Antwerp, one of the most important in the world, in order to guarantee sufficient draught to the shipping traffic.

The joint venture SeReAnt has signed a contract of around 480 Million Euro with the Flemish Government (Belgian country) for a design and construction period of 30 months, followed by the exploitation of the installations for 15 years. The AMORAS project consists of different steps (dredging, desanding, dewatering, water purification, storage,…). Diemme Filtration will provide the filter presses for the most important one : the mechanical dewatering plant.

This supplying, which places itself on the high segment of contracts signed by Diemme Filtration (from 10 to 15 Million Euro), consists of 12 Membrane Chamber Filter Presses Mod. GHT 2000 4×4, which will dewater up to 600.000 tonnes /year (in terms of dry material) of the dredged material to form a residue of filter cakes.

These 12 filters are huge units, each one able to contain up to 211 plates of 2m x 2m corresponding to a filtration square near 1500 m2.

Long lasting experience in dregs dewatering sector, capacity in manufacturing oversized equipment in restricted time required by the customer, high reliability and technology in the forefront have been some of the strength points thanks which DIEMME put the competition to rout.

This "state of the art" project has been for Diemme, once again, a confirmation of its technical, productive and financial capability which make Diemme Filtration a world wide leader in solid liquid separation technologies able to satisfy even the most exigent customers….more at DIEMME Filtration