Dix wants to take BC back to a two-track regulatory process

BC opposition leader Adrian Dix vows to leave the joint regulatory framework set up by the BC Liberals that is reviewing the Northern Gateway pipeline and set up his own review.

Dix made the announcement on Wednesday at a news conference in Vancouver.

Dix said his government would quit the Environmental Assessment Equivalency Agreement that the province and the federal government signed in 2010, whereby the environmental assessment for energy projects is considered jointly.

While visiting a mine in the Yukon this week, Harper touted his government's efforts to provide regulatory review process that are timely, efficient and provide more certainty.

Dix has a sizeable lead in the upcoming elections that are set for May 2013.

The Northern Gateway is scheduled to wrap up on December 2013.

Currently the Northern Gateway pipeline is being considered by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the National Energy Board under a Joint Review Panel Agreement.

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