Downhole Surveys’ Quality Control Department Monitors Accuracy of all Survey Data


The Quality Control Manager at Downhole Surveys (DHS) is in the business of ensuring accuracy of all survey data. The full-time manager monitors every single piece of data collected by the directional survey team all around Australasia using the North Seeking Gyros or the Flexit survey tools. He also provides quality assurance support on data collected by DHS customers using rental survey equipment.

Unlike many of its competitors, DHS recognizes the critical nature of the survey data being evaluated and verifies its accuracy.

In fact, DHS is the only downhole surveying company in Australia and Africa that has tested and verified the accuracy of the instrumentation used on the DeBeers and Institute of Mine Surveyors test pipe at Voorspoed in South Africa.

It is this attention to detail and exceptional service that has made DHS one of the largest and most well-respected survey companies in Africa and Australasia. DHS holds contracts and is the provider of choice for almost every major mining company in this part of the world.

Using the world’s leading technologies – most of which have been pioneered by DHS in Australia – we are able to provide unparalleled quality, flexibility and customer service. That’s why more than 200 companies have chosen to work with us over the past 19 years.

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