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As of 2012, MINING.com has reached over 860,000 page views monthly, 150,000 daily email digest subscribers, and 260,000 unique monthly visitors.

Let MINING.com help you advertise.

Our Reach

  • Over ¾ million page views monthly.
  • Over 150,000 daily email digest subscribers.
  • A steadily growing group of over 260k monthly unique visitors.













We have a number of advertising options:

  • Banners – Regular banners in a range of IAB compliant sizes.
  • Sponsor posts – When you need to run a news release or other text.
  • Job postings – We have a job board to help you hire workers.
  • Mobile – We have advertising on our mobile platforms.
  • High impact ads – We run backgrounders, a takeover-style ad, for limited runs, our most high-profile advertising options.
  • Featured mining company profile – For mining companies that fully explains the company and links to the companies and properties page at InfoMine.


  1. Brand Awareness – Increase brand awareness and build credibility by associating yourself with the leading provider of news commentary in the mining sector.
  2. Leads – Generate leads for your business and gain exposure for your events.
  3. Experience – Editorial team has several years of experience covering the mining sector.
  4. Mobile – Today's audience is moving to tablets and smartphones, MINING.com's fastest growing traffic segment. We are optimized to capture mobile traffic with apps and a strong social media presence so we cater to audience.
  5. Speed – Unlike print publications, we can process advertising quickly. If you have a hot news release that needs broad distribution, we can help you get the news out right away.
  6. Decision Maker – We help you reach decision makers. A large proportion of our readers that we polled have described themselves as managers.
  7. Multi-platform – You can advertise on our website, email digests or mobile app.
  8. Niche markets – We have a wide range of region based advertising and commodity specific advertising options, like iron ore, silver and coal.

“MINING.com is unique, it is the best world wide portal to promote our mining events in Africa, Infomine guarantees our marketing campaign reaches the correct audience.”
-Dan Coberman, Marketing Manager (AME Trade)

“As a business development manager, I must be aware of what’s going on in the market. Opening my e-mails in the morning and reading your news gives me a boost for the day.”
-Robert Lapierre, Manager, Business Development (www.ultragen.com)

“The Mining, Gold and Diamond News Digest, sent daily by email to my inbox are an invaluable source of information for me and our analysts. They offer us a convenient way to stay on top of what is new in the mining sector.”
-Brian Tang, President, Fundamental Research Corporation

Learn more about our usage statistics and our reader demographics.

We also have advertising opportunities in our Spanish language news digests.

Contact [email protected] for a media kit.

Past Clients





Our News Followers
Here are some of the companies that have signed up for our digests:

  • BHP Billiton
  • Canadian Zinc Corp.
  • Eldorado Gold Corp.
  • Anglogold Ashanti Ltd.
  • Newmont Mining Corp.
  • Barrick Gold Corp.
  • Rio Tinto
  • Petra Diamonds Ltd.
  • Anglo American Plc.
  • Newcrest Mining Ltd.
  • Goldquest Mining Corp.
  • Xstrata Plc.
  • Vale S.A
  • Leighton Contractors
  • Glencore International Plc.
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • Lonmin Plc.
  • Barclays
  • Prophecy Coal
  • Atlas Iron Ltd.
  • Lynas Corp.
  • Western Potash Corp.
  • Hudbay Minerals Inc.
  • Husky Energy Inc.
  • Exeter Resources Inc.
  • IAMGOLD Corp.
  • Peregrine Metals Ltd.
  • Patriot Coal Corp.
  • North American Palladium Ltd.
  • San Gold Corp.
  • Shore Gold Inc.
  • Cobalt Coal Ltd.
  • Tonkin Corp.
  • Rangold Resources Ltd.
  • Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.
  • Haywood Securities Inc.
  • Sprott Resource Lending Corp.
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Toronto Stock Exchange

Advertise on the Website

We have several unique advertising services to meet your needs:

1. Top Banner on Left

  • A 728×90 pixel banner at the top and bottom of MINING.com.
  • This is a rotating ad. Five spots are available.
  • Duration one month.
Click on image to expand

2. Top Banner on the Right

  • A 200×90 pixel banner at the top of MINING.com.
  • A fixed ad.
  • Duration one month.

3. Sponsor Post

  • Suitable for press releases and other long text announcements. No limit on word size.
  • Sponsor post is fixed. It does not rotate.
  • The client can run all text or an image and some text, but the total length of the post is limited to 10 centimetres deep. As a rough guideline, keep your post to 270 characters, including spaces, and use an image that is no more than 240 pixels wide and 141 pixels high. A post that is just all text can use 600 characters including spaces.
  • The title or the hyperlinks in the post can link through to a client's website.
  • Runs for one week starting Monday and ending a week later at Sunday.
  • Appears on all pages.

4. Top Right-Column Banner

  • A 300×250 pixel banner at the top of the right-hand column of MINING.com.
  • This is a rotating ad. Five spots are available.
  • Duration one month.

5. Remaining Right-Column Banners

  • The remaining right column banner spots.
  • 300×250 pixel banner.
  • Banners are fixed.
  • Duration one month.

6. Backgrounder

  • Runs on all pages.
  • Due to the high impact of the advertising, runs are limited to seven days each month.

7. Featured Mining Company Profile


  • Animated ads can run only 15 seconds in total.
  • Third-party click tracking is available.
  • File format accepted is .gif or .jpg
  • File size for static media is 70K. File size for rich media is 200K with preloader.
Let our readers know you are hiring
Our MINING.com Job Box is a great opportunity for employers to reach out to a pool of talented professionals. Start reaching out by placing  your company's name, logo, and a brief description today!


International – Mining is a global business. We have a wide international audience. Our top readership by city is Toronto, Vancouver, Perth, and Melbourne. Johannessburg ranks ninth.


Education level – MINING.com readers have a high level of education. Over 60% had some type of university degree. 30% of the respondents said they held a graduate degree, such as a masters or a PhD.


Targeted – Most of our readers work for mining companies. The next highest employer classification was mining supplier followed by exploration company.


Reach – We have 470,000 monthly visits and 850,000 page views
  • Appears: Homepage and post pages
  • Duration: One month
  • Cost: $1,000 
Example                                                                                                                     Overview
Ad specifications
  • Advertiser is allowed to post a company name, brief description, and a logo.
  • Total text must be less than 89 characters with spaces.
  • Image is a thumbnail, no greater than 50 pixels wide and 20 height.
  • Your ad will appear on home pages and post pages.
Advertising in our News Digests

Advertise with us and get noticed. Each business day we email digests to over 120,000 mining and investment professionals—that is over one million digests being sent each month.

Learn more about usage statistics and our reader demographics.

We also have advertising opportunities in our Spanish language news digests.

Contact [email protected] for a media kit.

We offer the following two advertising services:

1. Sponsor Digest Posts
For longer announcements, when a banner advertisement won’t quite do. Suitable for news releases, reports and other announcements that are text heavy. A mix of logos, small images and text are possible, as well as multiple links.
Specifications »

2. Banner Advertisements
For visual impact, a short statement and link through to your site. A variety of sizes and styles are available.
Specifications »


Sponsor Digest Posts

  • Sponsor Digest Posts are our most popular advertising product. It gives your ad maximum visibility. We have a number of spots available depending upon your budget and what audience you want to reach.
  • We have two types of digests: Mining News Digest and Commodities & Regionals Digest:
    • The Commodities & Regional Digests are sent on a weekly basis (with the exception of gold) and includes digests such as:
        • Coal
        • Gold
        • Diamond
        • Iron Ore
        • Silver
        • China
        • Europe
        • Australia
    • The Mining News Digest is a round up of the best news and opinion on the web about the global mining industry and is sent out to subscribers on a daily basis
  • Two spots available: Spot One (premium) & Spot Two


 Sponsor Digest Post of Mining News Digest – Position One

With Image.                                                   Without Image.                                         If replaced by banner ad.


Sponsor Digest Post of Mining News Digest – Position Two
Sponsor Digest Post of Mining News Digest – Overview
  • The following image shows the relative positions of each Sponsor Digest Post spots.
Sponsor Digest Post of Commodities and Regional Digests – Position One
      • Duration: Monthly
      • Appears: Runs in all Commodities and Regional Digests, except Mining News Digest.
      • Specifications>>


Sponsor Digest Post of Commodities and Regional Digests – Position Two
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Appears: In the specified Commodities & Regional Digests only (For example: Coal/Gold/Silver/Europe/China)
  • Specifications>>


Sponsor Digest Post Commodities and Regional Digests – Overview
  • The following image shows the relative positions of each Sponsor Digest Post spots.


  • All available Sponsor Digest Posts can also run banner ads – If the client likes the spot, but wants to run a banner ad instead, a banner ad can be accommodated. Ad would be a 180×150, following IAB standards. Pricing and ad length would stay the same
  • Box: Box can contain text and one image and should be 6 cm deep. About 80 words/550 characters (with spaces) with an image. About 100 words/700 characters (with spaces) without an image.
  • Text+Title: The text and title can link to the client's site or some media the client wants us to host, like a PDF, media or a Word document.
  • Formatting: Bold formatting and different font colouring are permissible. The font style has to stay the same.
  • Image: Should be 150W x 150H or smaller.

Banner Advertisements

  • Get your brand on our news site or digests for maximum visibility.
Banner Advertisement of Mining News Digest – Spot One
Duration: Monthly
Appears: In Mining News Digest only
Size: 180W x 150H
Banner Advertisement of Mining News Digest – Spot Two
Duration: Monthly
Appears: In Mining News Digest only
Size: 180W x 150H Banner or two 120W x 60H Banner
Banner Advertisement of Mining News Digest – Overview
  • The following image shows the relative positions of each Banner Advertisement spots.
Banner Advertisement of Commodities or Regional Digest – Spot One
Duration: Monthly
Appears: Runs in all commodities digest except Mining News Digest (For example: Coal/Gold/Silver/Europe/China)
Banner Advertisement of Commodities or Regional Digest – Spot Two
Duration: Monthly

Appears: Runs in all commodities digest except Mining News Digest

Banner Advertisement Commodities or Regional Digest – Overview
  • The following image shows the relative positions of each Banner Advertisement spots

Advertise in our Spanish News Digest

  •  Reach nearly 24,000 subscribers daily by advertising in our Spanish language news digest.

See more details here.

For more information on advertising in our Spanish language digest, please contact:

Latin America (South of Panama and Spain)
[email protected]
Tel: +51 1 640 9000
Fax: +51 1 446 6864

Olga Ramos – Latin America (North of Panama)
[email protected]
Tel: +52 55 1328 1802
Fax: +52 55 5005 6701