Drillog PDL of Nigeria to improve drilling efficiency


Drillog Petro-Dynamics Limited (PDL), a 100% Nigerian company is the leading oil and gas drilling service company in Nigeria, specializing in Directional/Horizontal Drilling, Rotary Steerable Drilling, MWD/LWD, Bore Hole Surveys, Well Planning and Design and Formation Evaluation While Drilling (FEWD)

Operating since 1990 and with over 100 employees, PDL's recent acquisition of Stockholm Precision Tools superior GyroTracerTM north seeking gyro instruments hasĀ raised the barĀ of PDL's directional surveying capacity and capabilities.

Drillog, looking for a north seeking gyro for control of well path and anti-collision, found the SPT GyroTracerTM the best gyroscopic instrument for their requirements. The wireline and memory mode option gyroscope instrument will be sure to combine well with Drillog's range of tools including MWD, LWD and gamma.

Last week, Nkallu Chinonye and Agam-Ibe Dabere of PDL travelled to Stockholm, Sweden for a week long intensive training course on GyroTracerTM operation and calibration. The two guys are now fully certified operators and calibration technicians.