Dux Machinery offers articulated four-wheel drive personnel carriers

june09-107DUX articulated four-wheel drive personnel carriers offer safe and reliable personnel transport for underground hard-rock mines and tunnelling projects worldwide. Their heavy-duty oscillation roller bearing guarantees minimum maintenance, a smooth ride and 4-wheel ground contact on uneven terrain. These units have ruggedly built frames designed for a life expectancy measurable in decades, which also come with 5-year unlimited hour warranty. DUX personnel carriers can carry anywhere from 8 to 22 people and can also be custom-manufactured to suit mine/tunnel requirements.

For example, the DUX DT-7 PC8 measures only 5-ft wide and can carry up to 8 people including the driver. DUX supplied a fleet of 6 these units for a for a tunnelling project in New York  a few years ago. For details, please visit http://www.duxmachinery.com/dt7-pc8.pdf

The DUX S1-PC20 measures only 6-ft wide and can carry up to 22 people including driver and co-driver. Equipped with Dana powertrain and Cummins QSB 4.5L engine set at 148 HP (110 kW) @ 2300 RPM, the DUX S1-PC20 offers more capacity and is over-designed to meet the harshest conditions encountered in underground mines.

Instead of a dedicated unit for the transport of personnel, one can opt for the DUX Multi-Purpose Cassette System with S1-Carrer and a range of multi-purpose cassettes including the PC-20 Personnel  Cassette. The S1-Carrier is the similar to the DUX S1-PC20, but available with other inter-changeable cassettes for materials transport (Flatbed Crane Cassette), fuel transport (Fuel Cassette), lube transport (Lube Cassette) and maintenance (Maintenance Cassette). For details, please visit http://www.duxmachinery.com/s1-porter.pdf

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