Education in Earth Science in India needs a Boost

As reported on the Deccan Herald, trained manpower in earth sciences in India is declining and the global share of publications in geosciences is only 3 per cent. In the workshop "Goals of Solid Earth Geosciences in India in the next decade", a team of geoscientists has worked out a few recommendations to address this problem.


The day is not for when neither trained manpower for exploitation and production of geological resources like ores, coal or oil will not be available nor there will be faculty for teaching the geosciences.

Prof. Anindya Sarkar, workshop convener, informed the reasons behind the workshop were the increasing gap between international frontiers and Indian R and D in solid earth geosciences, lack of research infrastructure and over-dependence on overseas R and D facilities huge heterogeneity in the course curricula and mode of earth science teaching across the country, all resulting in the knowledge gap and shrinkage of manpower which have adverse effect on both teaching and natural resource developments in the country.