Educational collaboration trains next generation of geoscientists in Russia

Applied knowledge of exploration technology supports Russia's discovery of mineral resources

April 22, 2009 – Moscow, Russia – Geosoft reported today on a joint educational collaboration with Russia's leading scientific university Perm State and geophysical technology firm AGT Systems. The partnership will equip the students of Perm State's Geological Faculty with applied knowledge of industry-leading exploration technology and data processing software.


"There is a huge base of geologists, geophysicists and mining engineers in Russia with good professional education," says Victor Ovcharuk, Director of AGT Systems, based in Moscow. "What's missing is knowledge of modern software and technology for exploration and mining."

Geosoft exploration software is industry standard within the global mining sector, and is used within many research institutes and mining companies in Russia including ALROSA, Norilsk Nickel and Vostokgeologia.

Under the state-funded Innovation Universities program, AGT, Geosoft and Perm State University have set up three teaching laboratories dedicated to training students on the latest exploration technology and data processing techniques. Each of the new labs has over 20 computer stations installed with the Geosoft Oasis montaj earth mapping platform, and Target geology software.

"The teaching labs have enabled us to provide students a higher level of education and research skills," said Dr. Vladimir Kostitsyn, Chief of the Geophysical Department of Perm State University's Geological Faculty. "We see great potential to expand the use of Geosoft software within our teaching programs in the near future."

"Now each graduating class will produce dozens of new experts who will be familiar and experienced with the most advanced mapping and processing tools, and can take these new skills into industry and government," says Ovcharuk.

Perm State was the first university in Russia to use Geosoft software within the classroom.

AGT and Geosoft are currently establishing similar teaching labs in universities across the country.

"With over half of Russia's GDP derived from natural resources, partnerships like this are instrumental in unlocking future potential," says Wayne Higgins, Managing Director, Geosoft Europe Limited. "Ensuring students have the right tools and technology to rapidly hone their skills within academic lab settings is key to building the workforce and skill base required for exploration industries to develop and thrive in Russia."


About Perm State

Founded on October 14, 1916, Perm State University is a leading scientific university in Russia.  University faculties include Biology, Geography, Geology, Geochemistry and Physics.  It is located in in Central Russia's Urals region.

About AGT

Specializing in the Mining and Petroleum Exploration industries within Russia and CIS, AGT Systems provides software, integrated systems, equipment and services in the fields of Geophysics, and the Geological, Geotechnical and Geochemical sciences, including drilling equipment and related technologies, mining equipment and supplies, oil and gas development technologies and transportable camps. AGT customers include companies in the Mining and Oil and Gas industries and Government agencies throughout Russia, including the ALROSA and Norilsk Group of Companies.  AGT is a Geosoft Authorized Business Partner.


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