Electrifying Stillwater haul

A single Kiruna is able to provide the same work as several diesel trucks. Faster speeds up steeper ramps result in a much smaller total truck fleet of electric trucks for the same ore haulage as a larger number of diesel trucks.

The Kiruna truck also offers reduced noise levels in the confined underground workings. The measured outside noise level at maximum output is 85-90 dBA in the mine – appreciated not only by the operator but also by the miners working in the vicinity.

Electric power also allows easy and smooth stop/start operations with less strain on the operator and truck components. A 75 kW Tier 3 diesel engine automatically starts up for off line duties such as loading, dumping and turning sites. In passing areas no complicated overhead trolley lines are required. The operator simply drops the power collector which starts the diesel engine, allowing the oncoming vehicle to pass.….Read Full Editorial