Enormous container ship has limited choices to unload cargo

The MSC Fabiola, with a carrying capacity of 11,000 containers, docked last week in the Port of Long Beach, one of a few shipping facilities in the U.S. that can handle the enormous new vessels.

The Lost Angeles Times reports that it is the largest container ship to ever dock in the United States. Since few ports are equipped to handle the new generation of vessel, transportation facilities are investing billions to upgrade.

The size of the boat, which ultimately lowers costs through larger shipping volumes, is immense:

The Fabiola, owned by Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Co., can carry 12,500 containers. The ship is just 30 feet shorter than the Empire State Building is tall, as wide as a 10-lane freeway and big enough to carry the contents of eight 1-million-square-foot warehouses.

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Image from YouTube