Environmentalists sport tin hats for subcommittee hearing on climate change

A group of environmental activists attended a meeting of the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Power on Wednesday. Nothing strange about that – except for, of course, the tin hats they were wearing.

According to a Twitter exchange, the hat owners are part of a group called Polluter Watch – an organization which, according to its Twitter page, "holds corporate polluters, their influence peddlers and DC front groups accountable for endangering America's clean energy future."

Fred Upton is a republican, Michigan congressman, chairman of the Energy and Commerce commitee and sworn enemy of environmentalists.

Wednesday's meeting, titled "The Obama Administration’s Climate Change Policies and Activities" but dubbed "Climate Denierpalooza" by Polluter Watch, examined "the details of the president’s Climate Action Plan and the full scope of federal climate change-related activities and their impacts on the economy and the environment," the Subcomittee noted in a press release.

The groups claim that the Federal government has spent about $77 billion on climate change-related research over the past five years.

The hearing comes in anticipation of an expected EPA announcement in which the Agency will likely release a proposed rule setting greenhouse gas emissions standards for new power plants. President Obama also recently announced his climate change agenda which has the Subcommittee concerned over the implications for the coal industry.

Meanwhile, Sierra Club Live estimates that climate change-induced extreme weather cost Americans $140 billion last year.