Expected heir to $300 million copper fortune found dead

A relative of American heiress Huguette Clark, who could have inherited $19 million of her $300 million fortune, has been found dead in Wyoming, reports NBC News.

The body of Timothy Henry Gray, 60, was discovered under a Union Pacific Railroad overpass. He was an adopted great-grandson of former U.S. Sen. William Andrews Clark (photo), known as one of the copper kings of Montana, a banker, a builder of railroads and the founder of Las Vegas.

The congressman's youngest daughter, Huguette Clark, was a recluse who died in 2011 in New York City leaving nothing to her relatives.

The so-called “copper kings,” William Andrews Clark, Marcus Daly and F. Augustus Heinze, became famous for the epic battles they fought in Butte, Montana, and the surrounding region during the period following the U.S. Civil War, over the control of the local copper industry. The fight had ramifications for not only the Western state, but also the entire country.

The clashes between Clark, Daly and Heinze, and later between just Heinze and financiers William Rockefeller and Henry H. Rogers are a large chapter in Montana history. Eventually, a company known as Anaconda Copper emerged as a monopoly, expanding into the fourth largest company in the world by the late 1920s.