Finally, an ice cream for miners

Miners shopping for dessert may recognize some borrowed terminology on a new line of flavours introduced by premium ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's: its new "core" line.

Ben & Jerry's, known for imaginative flavours such as Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey, add a pure column of cookie dough and other concoctions to its ice cream. The cookie dough or caramel are not mixed with the ice cream but run as a column through the middle of the ice cream.

There are five new core flavours being introduced in 2015: Boom Chocolatta, Peanut Buttah and Spectacular Speculoos, which are all cookie dough cores. Previously introduced flavours are Hazed & Confused and Karamel Sutra.

What's the point of the core? Optimal mixing and customization.

"Let’s take Salted Caramel. With every bite, you can choose a little bit of caramel and a lot of ice cream, or a little bit of ice cream and a lot of caramel," enthuses Eric Fredette, a Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru.

"Each bite is customized to be perfect for you."

Reviewers seem to be settling on the Spectcular Speculoos as the standout. Popsugar gives its assessment:

Spectacular Speculoos combines dark caramel and vanilla ice creams with Speculoos cookies and a Speculoos cookie butter core. The salty-to-sweet ratio in this flavor is perfect. Hints of cinnamon and butteriness explode in your mouth when you bite into the cookie core and morsels. It's hard not to eat the whole carton at once.

EOnline concurs:

If this flavor doesn't incite natural disaster-level lines at the grocery store, we've lost our faith in the American public.