Finding some silver in a roll of dimes

Taking a hard look at your next roll of dimes could leave you with a nice tip.

A YouTube user uploaded his dad's hobby: buying rolls of dimes looking for the ones minted with silver.

"I am averaging one silver dime out of every $100," says the subject of the documentary.

He says he keeps $300 to $400 on him to buy up a bank's dime rolls. He will only stop for a roll while he is on the way to do something else. Sorting all the rolls takes a few minutes. Once he sorts the dimes and removes the silver ones, he takes the dimes back to the bank.

With the going cost of silver, each silver dime he finds is worth about $2, about twenty times the dime's face value.

"Occasionally I will find some really old ones and they will have a numismatic value."

The U.S. Mint stopped making dimes out of silver in 1965.

Video uploaded by user The Bread Scavenger on Saturday