First Activemine™purchase order received for underground coal mine in kentucky

Safety and productivity benefits cited by new customer in purchase decision

TORONTO, April 16, 2009 – Active Control Technology Inc. (TSX-V:ACT) today announced that a leading coal mining company has selected ActiveMineTM for the first of two underground coal mines in Kentucky.

The first system is scheduled to be installed in May 2009 with the second installation slated for later this year which would represent a combined total of 53 ActiveMine nodes. The customer plans to expand both mine operations rapidly in the coming years.

The new customer cited the safety benefits of ActiveMine, the premier voice communications and tracking system for mines, as the primary reason for its purchase decision. The customer also seeks the productivity gains made possible by the system.

These will be the first ActiveMine installations in the state of Kentucky, which ranks third in the US in coal production.

"We're delighted that ActiveMine will become a key tool for our new customer in fulfilling its commitments to employee safety and business productivity," said Steve Barrett, President and CEO, Active Control. "We look forward to helping customers to safeguard employees and get the most out of their mines."

Deployment of the systems is subject to MSHA approval of ActiveMine's wireless Wi-Fi telephones. Certification of the phones – the final stage of MSHA approvals for ActiveMine – is expected soon.

About ActiveMine

The ActiveMine communications, data and tracking system enables monitoring of production, personnel and equipment in all types of surface and underground mining environments, including coal and hard rock mines. ActiveMine is positioned to bring to mining what the Internet brought to the world. The system is designed to:

  • Provide the world's first standards-based Wi-Fi + IP network for the underground mining industry with a 54Mb wireless backhaul.
  • Provide full duplex, clear voice communications and tracking as required by law in US underground coal mines.
  • Provide ample bandwidth to move existing legacy applications onto a single standards-based network, eliminating multiple proprietary networks.
  • Enable the deployment of an unprecedented array of new IP-based applications in mines – applications that are not possible with current proprietary and antiquated wired networks.
  • Enable the deployment of any Wi-Fi device in mines, thereby driving the availability of new devices, controlling costs, and freeing mine operators from being locked into proprietary technology.

About Active Control Technology
ACT provides advanced wireless communications and tracking systems to the mining industry. The company's proprietary ActiveMine system enables mine operators to get more out of their mine through enhanced productivity and safety. ActiveMine provides two-way wireless voice communication, real-time tracking of personnel and assets, and high bandwidth data applications such as streaming video and operational data from mining machinery, over a robust wireless Wi-Fi network. Located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Active Control trades publicly on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ACT. For more information, visit

Don Hogarth