Fleet Pros Spend 44 Percent on Wheel Loader Repairs

Reader advisors recoup about 27 percent of their initial investment when selling used loaders
February 1, 2008
By Larry Stewart, Executive Editor

Median repair parts and labor costs for wheel loaders are 44 percent of the machine's original cost, but 24 percent of 250- to 575-horsepower loaders require more than their original purchase price in parts.

The median residual value for all sizes of wheel loaders is 27 percent of original purchase price. About two-thirds of all answers are arrayed in a range from 5 to 49 percent of original price.

Three out of four compact wheel loaders and 85 percent of mid-sized and larger loaders ride on radials.

Accuracy of estimated equipment costs generally hinges on two elusive variables: cost of repair parts and labor, and residual value of replaced machines. Construction Equipment hand-selected a group of contractors who've invested in control of equipment costs, and surveyed this reader advisory panel to find out more about their experience with these and other variables that impact equipment costs….more at Contstruction Equipment