For $50, you too can have a gold facial

The popularity of gold as accessory has few, if any, limitations. The buying and selling of gold bangles, necklaces and rings particularly in India is a substantial part of the "love trade" that drives the physical demand for the yellow metal.

Manufacturers have often taken the lure of gold to extremes. Apple, for example, in 2013 launched a gold iPhone 5S, following up a similarly golden iPod Mini a decade earlier. The company is even rumored to be offering a high-end 18-karat gold version of the Apple Watch this year, estimated to cost between $4,000 and $5,000.

Now, a cosmetics company is making gold even more personal, and affordable, than jewelry or iPhones, by offering an at-home facial kit featuring gold leaves.

Gold leaf has been used in the art world for centuries – for example in the mosaics found in early Christian art or in Buddhist art used to decorate statues and symbols. The health effects of gold have also been documented. Cleopatra was rumored to have slept with a gold mask to preserve her beauty, while modern-day celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman have tried solid gold facials.

The difference is that spa treatments employing gold facials are likely to cost hundreds of dollars, versus the Bella Schneider Beauty's Glow Facial Kit, which runs a mere $49.50.

"Light exfoliation is followed by gold elixir and an application of gold leaves, leaving skin brilliantly illuminated. Your radiant, glowing face presents the perfect palette for glamour makeup. Ideal for weddings, parties and other high-profile events," BSB effuses about its 24K do-it-yourself gold facial pack. associate producer Katie Donbavand decided to give the DIY gilded treatment a try. 

Despite her husband likening her appearance during the process to "a Bond villain," Donbavand was so impressed with the results, the next day she decided to forego makeup: "As promised, my skin was luminous. It was plump and so soft that I couldn’t stop touching it," she wrote in a review published Sunday on the InStyle website.