Fordia Comes Up with a Driller-Friendly Survey Tool

Leading Canadian manufacturer for the mineral exploration and geotechnical industries, Fordia surprises one and all with the VisionR, its new driller-friendly survey tool series.

Officially launched during Quebec Exploration 2008, VisionR is a serious competitor to other existing down hole survey systems, as it offers simplicity and accuracy at a very competitive rate.

"Fordia has always been at the forefront of its customers needs – we believe this survey tool series better addresses their needs; simplicity and accuracy," says the Product Manager, Luca Arnaldi, part of the technical team dedicated to the project. "Drillers can operate these sturdy probes in no time and get results that meet every geologist's needs." That is, indeed, what drilling contractors are looking for.

According to the Canadian company, Fordia's new system enables drillers themselves to keep track of their drill holes and to visualize their exact path. Whether surveying with any of the three probes available, SingleShot, MultiShot or AtWill, operators will quickly appreciate VisionR as it is easy to use and that its field tested technology offers precise results at all times.

Furthermore, VisionR is fully equipped with Fordia's new SecuR-Connect© technology, a design that allows a secure and speedy connection between the top-sub and aluminium spacer bars, saving the survey tool from being dropped down the hole. As this system is also on all adaptors, the only threaded parts on the system are the connections between top / bottom sub to the pressure barrel, ensuring great safety and minimum loss of time.

As part of a global drilling solution, this brand new system reinforces Fordia's proprietary offer and is a strategic move in order to conquer aggressive market shares.

About Fordia
Fordia is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance drilling tools, accessories and equipment for the mineral exploration and geotechnical industries. Founded in 1977, Fordia has the international experience and global presence to supply its clientele with customized services and products.

In addition to its Head Office in Montreal, the company has offices in Val D'Or, Sudbury and Vancouver in Canada. Fordia is also established worldwide with offices in USA, Chile, Peru, Australia, France, China and many distributors around the world. For more information, please visit Fordia's Web site at

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VisionR Product Manager
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Communications Coordinator
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