Fordia Unveils New Coring System Design


Following the trend of advanced coring systems, Fordia introduces on the market a new core barrel with self-locking latches that cannot be accidently retracted once engaged. This latch system helps prevent the accidental loss of samples, which may be cause by a  mislatch of the core barrel and overshot.

This new mechanism has been developed and patented by Fordia, a Canadian manufacturer that's been in the industry of mineral exploration and geotechnical for over 30 years now. This innovation is part of the company's desire to offer global drilling solutions to contractors of all sizes, including diamond tools, equipment and accessories.

The development of such a system is a premiere for the company. Even though Fordia already owns various patents, the one obtained for the design of the new OWL Self-Lock is their very first that is related to equipment.

Fordia's R&D department has been working on this project for several months. "Our R&D process has always been very important to Fordia: it seems natural that our team tries to improve one of the industry's standard," explains Ariel Schtenbarg, Director of Engineering and Development. "The result of our long-term work is the new OWL Self-Lock, a head assembly that's even more reliable than the original and which has demonstrated its functionality during numerous field tests. We are launching it today with much enthusiasm, as it is a unique product on the market."

The launch of the OWL Self-Lock head assembly is an additional demonstration of Fordia's strategic positioning. The company clearly wants to appropriate a complete range of products for core drilling, comprising not only diamond tools, but the whole range of equipment and accessories that are related to the industry.


About Fordia

Fordia offers global drilling solutions to its customers in the mineral exploration and geotechnical industries. With a complete range of diamond tools, equipment and accessories, the company is a worldwide leader in the industry, distributing quality products that meet or surpass the specific requirements of drilling companies, while offering outstanding customer service and technical support.

Fordia's culture fosters continuous improvement and centralizes its business practices on the values of communication, recognition, precision, growth and profitability.

Fordia employs approximately 150 people in Canada and throughout the world. The company has offices on all continents and is represented by its distribution network in more than 25 countries. For further information on Fordia, please visit


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