Former American real estate brokers find gold fortune in Ghana

The story of George Wright and Scott Lomu, a pair of former American real estate agents who saw business evaporate when the housing bubble burst in the US, seems taken from a movie.

Both men, whose debts exceeded $1 million, made the decision to head to the gold-rich West African jungles of Ghana on a potentially lucrative mining mission, risking their lives to strike it rich.

Their hazardous adventure can now be seen on the series debut of Discovery Channel’s “Jungle Gold” on Oct. 26.

“Armed neighbours, miles of broken roads, roadblocks manned by Ghanaian gangs, and shady and ruthless gold buyers are among the daily hurdles they must face and overcome to succeed in their plan to safely escape Ghana with enough gold to secure their families’ futures,” Discovery teases.

What will happen to them? Watch the promo below: