Free Licenses of Maptak's Software Vulcan for University of Zacatecas in Mexico

The Department of Engineering and Earth Sciences of the University of Zacatecas recently received 20 free licenses for the Software Vulcan from Maptek, as reports. The university hopes that students have a competitive advantage by learning to use this specialized software.

The department, which contains more than 780 students, concentrates on three key fields: Metallurgy and Mining Engineering, Geological Engineering, and Environmental Sciences. Mining and geology students taking courses such as mine geomatics, exploration, mineral deposits, underground and open pit mining, and geostatistics will be able to work in Vulcan to complement their studies.

Specialised training at the university level is an important step to providing the mining industry with the professionals it now demands. The University of Zacatecas believes that its students, undergraduate and graduate, who learn Vulcan in the classroom, will also have the potential to gain industry experience through internships.