FUN BREAK: Trips to the moon available by 2020

Mining the moon has been a topic widely discussed in the last few months as scientists found evidence that Earth’s satellite contains rich deposits of minerals, such as titanium.

One of the many challenges, however, is to get there.  But a new space company called Golden Spike might have the solution, as it announced Friday it aims to offer private trips to the Moon before 2020.

BBC reports the company, run by former director of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Alan Stern, plans to sell each Moon mission for “only” $1.5 billion.

Although the company’s intended clients are not private individuals, but rather governments, the cost of the trip may cause the endeavour to fail, told BBC Harvard University astronomer Jonathan McDowell.

"This is unlikely to be the one that will pan out," McDowell said.

However, Golden Spike’s leaders say the have thought about the main issues as their company has been in the works, and under wraps, for two and a half years.

For instance, the venture will use existing or already-under-development rockets and spacecraft.  It also has the support of an advisory board made up of scientists, aerospace company leaders, movie producers, and dignitaries.

Golden Spike will have to commission its own lunar lander and specially designed spacesuits.


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