Geislinger Disc on large Mining Dump Trucks

Industry leaders decide for electrically isolating Geislinger Gesilco Disc.

Geislinger GmbH, Hallwang/Salzburg, Austria, reports the installation of its composite Disc on large, diesel-electrically driven dump trucks from Terex, Hitachi and Liebherr.

Geislinger presented a compact "plug and play" solution to omit electro corrosion on single bearing generators about two years ago. The simple, sturdy principle without moving parts is targeting all applications, but proved to be especially beneficial for mobile applications in heavy duty operation.


As revolutions take their time to be acknowledged by the market, this fate also was also true for the Gesilco Disc. Only after extensive field testing the leading manufacturers of large diesel-electric powered dump trucks were convinced of the Geislinger Gesilco Disc and its reliability. Due to its installation it is possible to avoid failure prone grounding devices or ceramic coated bearings and reduce the axial load on the generator as well as on the last engine bearing.

The Geislinger Gesilco Disc is available in all standard flywheel sizes. It replaces the steel discs used to connect generator and flywheel. Due to the use of long-fibre reinforced composites the Gesilco Disc is able to carry the generator load and of providing very low reaction forces in case of thermal elongation. The mix of carbon fibre and glass fibre ensures high strength, excellent shock torque resistance (short circuit) and electrical isolation at the same time.

Geislinger is confident that the Gesilco Disc will find its way into more diesel-electric applications like rail and diesel or gas powered gensets. This will help to strengthen its position as supplier for high-tech coupling solutions even in rough seas.

Geislinger is the world's leading supplier of torsional vibration dampers and elastic couplings for high-output diesel and gas engines. With its worldwide subsidiaries and vast know-how, Geislinger is acknowledged as development partner and problem solver. This innovative environment permanently leads to refined solutions like the Gesilco fibre composite products and new coupling developments as the double spring couplings.