Gemcom acquires Russian distributor

Gemcom Software International Inc., the largest global supplier of mining software solutions, has announced that effective April 4, 2012 it has acquired a majority interest in independent distributor Gemcom Russia. For over 15 years, Gemcom has provided products and services to the Russian mining industry, and with a direct interest in the Russian market through this acquisition, Gemcom increases its commitment to supporting and growing its Russian business.

Gemcom Russia has a well established presence, with many major customers and a recognised and trusted services team of Russian speaking mining professionals, including geologists, mining engineers and surveyors. Gemcom also has strong ties to educational institutions and a significant investment in the future of the mining industry, with software installed at over 14 local universities. This business integration provides the ideal platform to deliver software and services which address the specific concerns of Russia’s market; allowing operations there to increase efficiency and keep up with growing demand.

“I am delighted to welcome Gemcom Russia as a full partner in the Gemcom family,” said Rick Moignard, Gemcom president and CEO. “This presents an exciting opportunity for both Gemcom and our clients in Russia. With vast mineral resources, Russia is an expanding market with a substantial need for technology which will allow operations to increase efficiency. There is an increasing focus in the country on sustainable mining productivity, which is fuelling demand for the solutions that Gemcom provides. Having a team who understands the particular complexities of doing business in the country will allow us to support the growth of our clients and the Russian mining industry.”

“We are very pleased to be joining the Gemcom team. This partnership provides our clients with access to the full range of Gemcom’s software and global base of expertise, helping them to further drive productivity and efficiency throughout their operations,” said Olga Stagurova, general director for Gemcom Russia. “Clients will also benefit from access to an expanded Russian language support team and increased investment in products which address the needs of the Russian market. Improved Gemcom business integration, strengthened resources, and increased investment will allow us to help our clients address the challenges they face throughout the mining value chain.”