Geosoft Announces Geochemistry Extension for ESRI ArcGIS

Geosoft Announces Geochemistry Extension for ESRI ArcGIS Extended capabilities enable multivariate geochemical analysis inside ESRI

TORONTO, April 16, 2009 – Geosoft Inc., a world leader in software and solutions for earth exploration, announced today the commercial availability of their Geochemistry for ArcGIST extension for ESRI's ArcGIS software. The Geochemistry for ArcGIS extension adds a powerful geochemical workflow to ArcGIS, enabling geoscientists to efficiently conduct their geochemical QA and analysis inside ESRI.

Geosoft is focused on creating a complete solution that empowers surface and subsurface earth exploration. In collaboration with ESRI, the company is building next generation solutions utilizing ESRI GIS technologies for exploration industries and the geosciences sector.

"Geosoft's Geochemistry extension further extends the explorer's toolkit, by providing the ability to analyse geochemical data within the ArcGIS environment," said Louis Racic, Director of Product Management. "It builds on the success of our subsurface geology extension, Target for ArcGIS, and provides a powerful exploration workflow solution not currently available in the market."

Geochemical investigations require the ability to process and analyze all components of geochemical sampling in context with the geology and geophysics. Using the tools available within Geochemistry for ArcGIS, geoscientists can effectively extract knowledge from their data by examining multivariate relationships, uncovering underlying structures, identifying outliers and anomalies and present results by easily creating informative, visually impactful maps.

Using Geochemistry for ArcGIS, geoscientists are able to:

  • Simplify their geochemistry quality control process and maintain data in an ESRI file geodatabase using a data model optimized for geochemical data.
  • Select and subset data interactively from maps based on lithology and regions to enhance data display.
  • Create advanced geochemical maps within the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop environment.
  • Analyze multi-element geochemistry using interactive multiple histogram plots, Pearson's correlation reports, scatter plots, probability plots, ternary plots and box plots, to identify outliers and define populations.

Geoff Wade, Natural Resource Industries Leader for ESRI, commented, "We're excited that Geosoft has released another advanced workflow oriented solution that leverages ESRI's GIS technology. Geoscientists will benefit from the integration of geochemical analysis, conducted in spatial context, to support their critical decision making."

"The development of specialist workflows has been critical to the uptake and effective utilization of GIS within mining exploration and the geosciences," said Wade. "We look forward to an increasingly tight global partnership with Geosoft going forward, to build integrated workflow support for the explorer of tomorrow."

The Geosoft Geochemistry for ArcGIST extension is compatible with the latest software release from ESRI, ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.
Technical product information is available at  For pricing information and local representation, please contact [email protected]

Image available online <> . Caption: Geochemical map created inside ESRI ArcGIS using Geosoft's Geochemistry for ArcGIS extension software.
High resolution images are available upon request for print publication.


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