GEOVARIANCES releases its latest ISATIS 9.0

ISATIS 9.0 encloses many new features allowing you to go even deeper in the knowledge of your data. Your models are refined and you are confident in their interpretations.
In addition, ISATIS 9.0 offers exclusive new applications: georeferencing of PNG images to put your models in real-life situation, punctual kriging and TB simulations with multithreading implementation to gain in performances, indicators and 0-effect variables fitting and gaussian transformation (M2RC license only).
Besides, GEOVARIANCES still proves to be committed to technology innovation providing new developments on two fundamental research topics: Moving-geostatistics and Multivariable Recoverable Resource estimation.

ISATIS 9.01 available for download (for registered ISATIS users only)…

Refine your statistics

  • Perform accurate domaining from wireframes
    • The new Selection from Wireframes allows to easily create macro selections from wireframes or individual objects of a wireframe.
    • Compute the proportions of what is inside or outside a wireframe, or what is on one side or the other side of a surface.


Select data from wireframes and focus on each domain

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