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Massive load bearing capacity of EarthZyme treated haul roads in the mining sector and other such industries throughout the world. EarthZyme roads and Dust Stop finally represent a solution to a massive number of serious problems and save the companies hundreds of millions of dollars

A pilot project was carried out three years ago to prove the efficacy and enormous strength of EarthZyme roads to facilitate the use of huge heavy trucks that are required in the mining industry as well as in logging and oil operations around the globe. All results are the same today as they were the first day of application, and this is perfect. The specific utilization of EarthZyme shown in this photo was on a road in one of South Americas largest coal mines located in Colombia. This property produces nearly two million tons of coal per year maintaining a sterile standard ratio of 6 to 1. The mine mobilizes approximately 15 million cubic meters per year using using CAT 793 trucks with a capacity of 380 tons as well as smaller CAT 777 trucks with a capacity of 140 tons. All coal at this mine moves in double truck lanes with a traffic gross weight of 32 tons. These enormously heavy trucks travel on the EarthZyme road approximately 22 hours a day maintaining a frequency of the CAT 793 every 5 minutes and the CAT 777 travels this road 1.3 times per 5 minute period. This huge mine represents 20% of the coal output of the entire country of Colombia. This is exceptionally good news for all heavy industries that require strong reliable roads that are also friendly to the environment. Cypher's products save hundreds of millions of dollar per year when used in the mining industry alone in dramatically reduced maintenance costs as well as huge savings in lost manhours, vehicle downtime*and mounting medical and insurance costs just to name a few of the multiple benefits derived by the use of these envirnomental products and technologies.

The very successful results of this application also has led to an air express shipment of Dust Stop since any dust evident in the photo comes from the minerals in the truck and now all trucks are expected to be coated with Dust Stop to prevent the dispersion of the hazardous particulate matter from these loads. New laws will soon regulate the treatment for dust not just in haulage but also on all mined areas and to ensure the safety of the mine workers who must breathe in the dangerous particulate matter in the air that cause so many serious illnesses occurring so often in hazardous dust environments such as these. It should be noted that Cypher supplies the largest of all large resource industries in the world as well as the largest construction site on earth and many major projects in between so all experts are firmly convinced of the extreme efficacy and superiority of these products over all others on the world market.

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