Gold-plated iPad replaces concierge

To help arriving guests navigate guest services at the Burj Al Arab, the iconic hotel is now handing out 24k gold-plated iPads.

Guests can use it to look up various services at the elite hotel, such as spas, restaurants, gyms or the simulated submarine that takes people to the underwater oyster bar.

The logo of the Burj Al Arab is embossed on the rear. The iPads must be handed back at the end of the stay, but if the patron wants a momento the same iPad is for sale at the gift shop, along with gold-plated iPad minis.

The Burj Al Arab boasts of being the ‘world’s only 7-star hotel’, and likes to flaunt its excess. says with suites start at $15,000 a night, the gold-plated iPads are another luxury item to remind patrons they are lodging with the elite.

The luxury Burj Al Arab is located in Dubai, UAE