Goldcorp new potential acquisition: Canada's Shania Twain Centre

The Canadian city of Timmins, in Ontario, is selling its money-losing Shania Twain Centre to Goldcorp (NYSE:GG), in a desperate attempt to recover some of the cost of maintaining the attraction in recent years.

CBC reports Timmins city council has approached the gold company, which is planning a new open pit mine right next door, to sell the building in a deal that may be completed in the coming weeks.

Mayor Tom Laughren said the Shania Twain Centre would remain open until the end of January 2013, after that Goldcorp will decide whether to demolish or reopen it.

Twain, the 47-year-old Canadian country pop singer and songwriter, was born in Windsor but moved with her mother to Timmins after her parents divorced.

Since 2001, when the touristic attraction was opened, Timmins has prided itself for being Twain’s hometown.

Image: The singer at the Juno Awards 2011.Wiki Commons.