Lofty bonus for doctor at an Australian mine

The Australian gold company Northern Star Resources (ASX:NST) is offering a $200,000 bonus to any oncologist willing to spend two years close to the company's mine area and provide radiation therapy to children with cancer.

According to The West Australian, the sum will be provided on top of what the Western Australia Health Department pays a new radiation specialist.

The offer has come after the story of a three-year old Princess Margaret Hospital cancer patient, Archie Caldow, must go to Sydney for treatment, filled headlines the last few weeks. Archie is forced to travel because there are no doctors in WA able to treat him – the state’s only pediatric radiation oncologist is leaving for a month, her first holiday in seven years.

While the WA Health Department covers travel expenses for Archie and one carer, his parents want the whole family to go together, as being apart for four weeks or more is taking its toll on everyone.

Offers such as Northern Star Resources’ are —according to a WA hospital’s spokesman— the only way to attract skilled people in demand, he told the newspaper.