Great Panther back to work at its silver mine in Mexico

Vancouver-based Great Panther Silver Ltd. (TSX:GPR) said Monday  it had restarted full mining and plant operations at its Guanajuato mine complex, in Central Mexico, after it was illegally occupied last week.

Robert Archer, President and CEO of Great Panther said the firm recovered its main administration building and plant facility on Thursday, after which employees and contractors assessed the condition of the facilities and returned them to full operation.

The silver producer added it was working with authorities as they conduct an investigation into the illegal occupation, which began in early march, following the death of an illegal miner killed in a clash with guards at the same mine.

Guanajuato is next to Michoacán state, where drug cartels have began tapping into illegal mining as a fresh source of revenue (see map below). However, there was no immediate indication of any cartel involvement in the Guanajuato case.

Great Panther back to work at its silver mine in Mexico

Mexican states with mafia conflicts/WikiMedia Commons.