Greenpeace co-founder to speak at PDAC workshop

Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder who earned his environmentalist stripes by protesting hydrogen bomb testing and famously confronted the Soviet whaling fleet off the coast of California while captaining a Zodiac, will address students at a workshop hosted by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

His environmentalist days behind him, Moore now heads up a consulting firm in Vancouver and has parted company with his former Greenpeace colleagues on a number of issues, including nuclear power, of which he is a proponent, salmon farming, forestry and climate change.

Moore has also come out in favour of mining:

"Since my entry into the global environmental movement in 1971-and especially in the last decade- mining has contributed significantly to a more sustainable world economy, and key beneficiaries of this progress are mining workers, families and communities," says Moore.

He will be speaking on May 18 at the PDAC's Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop in Sudbury, Canada.

Image of Patrick Moore by TEDx Vancouver

Watch a talk by Patrick Moore hosted on Youtube: