Hecla Mining Company selects Micromine's mine control and information system PITRAM and DOME to record and manage operations in real-time

Micromine, the global leader in providing innovative software solutions and consulting services to the exploration and mining industries, today revealed details of the mine production control and management system PITRAM and DOME that has been implemented at Hecla Mining Company's Greens Creek mine.

The underground mine, which produces approximately 1905 tonnes of ore each day, is located in the Tongass National Forest stretching 500 miles along the southeastern coast of Alaska.

At Greens Creek, the new solution will upgrade the current system such that the high volume of data and information generated daily could be better managed.

Working in real-time, PITRAM and DOME have provided Greens Creek with the advanced data management capabilities required by the organisation. PITRAM would be instrumental with daily production planning, data acquisition and multi-site management whilst DOME would be responsible for effectively collating and reporting data from multiple sources. The two applications would work concurrently to seamlessly collect, manage and present technical and commercial information.

Apart from the dynamic production management and reporting functionality that comes standard with a PITRAM/DOME solution, the other powerful features of the PITRAM/DOME system include:

  • A continuous improvement (CI) platform with datasets that can be readily accessed and interpreted to display before and after scenarios
  • A benchmarking system so information and statistics can be easily compared with on/off-site data
  • Seamless integration with third-party operational systems
  • Condition monitoring capabilities and preventative maintenance planning

Designed to increase internal efficiency and decrease operational costs, this solution will restructure the organisation's dynamics and give Greens Creek's key personnel a complete view of the mining operations.

About Micromine

Micromine is the global leader in providing innovative software solutions and consulting services to the exploration and mining industries. With a suite of awardwinning versatile applications, the company develops solutions for all personnel involved in the mining cycle. The organisation has grown significantly over the years and now boasts offices in more than twelve countries, with affiliates in almost every continent. Micromine is renowned for its world-class consulting team consisting of skilled geologists, surveyors, mining engineers and other key personnel who can provide the expertise needed for solving complex challenges on-site. With a global footprint and the pedigree that comes with experience, together with a world class support and service infrastructure, Micromine has developed a blue chip client base servicing industry leaders and continues to be at the forefront of innovation.

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