Hitachi Releases Global e-Service

MOLINE, IL – As the excavation and hauling specialist, Hitachi has now made it easier than ever for mining operations to remote-monitor the performance of their Dash-6 Series of Hitachi mining shovels and backhoes.

What is it?

Hitachi e-Service is exciting technology that allows owners to gather critical data via the excavator's on-board Machine Information Center (MIC) – through the Internet using their own computers – without any expensive software and regardless of where they are located. So whether someone needs to check on data from the mine's field office or the mine's global headquarters, Hitachi e-Service makes it possible.

The information available through e-Service includes:

  • Machine location via GPS and GoogleTM maps
  • Current machine hours
  • Machine history
  • Maintenance information
  • Ability to download updates of Hitachi's Data Viewer Software
  • Ability to see downloaded files from the MIC via satellite connection that interfaces with the machine once a day

Access is through the Hitachi Mining home page at, Services & Support tab.

Details, please!

Once logged in, the "Owner's Site" has been clicked and the appropriate Dash-6 excavator selected, the user can move through the various tabs of Machine, Operation, Maintenance, Comments, and Location in order to gather information needed.

Under the Machine tab, the History List can provide dates and kinds of service performed on the machine by the dealer. That way, component changes and repairs as well as periodic inspections are all tracked in one spot. The customer can also see the model name, serial number, delivery data, and type of communication with e-Service.

Under the Operation tab, one can see how long and how hard (engine load factor) the machine was operated each day. Data can be filtered by the month or week. Basic MIC data that is transmitted once a day via satellite to the Hitachi server is also available for download to the customer's own computer. No special software is needed to view these files. Complete MIC data downloaded by the Hitachi dealer during inspections can be forwarded to the server for customer review. Hitachi Data Viewer software is required for that version, but is available for free through an e-Service download. Hitachi's new CAN Network and the new DLU2 Data Logger can record four times more information than the previous Dash-5 machines. Enhancements include basic machine, engine, hydraulic, and operational data. A manual download from the excavator itself is also possible, via a laptop or Palm equipped with the proper software. This can be sent to the Hitachi dealer and put on the server for customer viewing.

Under the Maintenance tab, owners will find several useful charts showing various operational and interval hours for a variety of parts such as engine, lever operation (any hydraulic function), travel device, and swing device. This section also includes a handy daily inspection list that can printed and used by operators and technicians.

The Comments tab allows the owner to make notes about the machine that become a part of the machine's history record.

Location opens up Google Maps to pinpoint the location of the machine. Information includes the longitude and latitude. A satellite photo of the general area is viewable as well.

Mining Monsters

Hitachi offers five mining-sized excavators: EX1900-6, EX2500-6, EX3600-6, EX5500-6, and EX8000-6, with bucket sizes ranging from 14.4 to 52.3 cubic yards. The company also sells the EX1200-6 – an excavator used in both mines and quarries as well as in mass excavation jobs.

Hitachi mining hallmarks include long-life undercarriages, extended service components, field proven structures, and well balanced hydraulic systems providing both productivity and reliability. Hitachi's exclusive Auto-Level Crowd mechanism on their shovels increases job efficiency with one-lever control.

The Dash-6 line not only meets Tier-2 requirements, it was developed to slash life-cycle costs and reduce downtime by using advanced technology. A highly sophisticated monitoring system provides instant fault and alarm diagnosis displaying warnings and countermeasures if an event arises.

Since Hitachi has been making large mining excavators for so long, it has developed a wealth of data on providing support of their products. Hitachi has also listened to customers and dealers. As a result, the Dash-6 Series design team was also focused on determining appropriate warning thresholds and providing more accurate replacement intervals for parts with analysis of the monitoring data.

The larger Dash-6s also offer newly redesigned cabs featuring a new air-ride operator's seat and redesigned electric joystick controls for ease of control and less fatigue. Another new item in all the Dash-6s is Hitachi Global e-Service, which provides owners critical field data at their finger tips. Complete MIC (Machine Information Center) data can be downloaded in the field with a Palm PilotTM.

The EX1200-6 through the EX5500-6 are available in both front shovel and backhoe configurations. The EX8000-6 is currently available as a front shovel only.

Hitachi Background

Since the introduction of Hitachi's first mining excavators in the 1970s, Hitachi has built an excellent reputation for high productivity, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. In fact, two out of five mining excavators at work in the world today are Hitachi. And, as owner of the legendary Euclid rigid-frame haul-truck line, Hitachi has ensured its Hitachi trucks are perfectly matched to its excavators in quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. They are committed to building long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships through responsive, flexible product support.

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