How to write a resume if you are a mining grad

Keep your resume down to one page and include your grades even if they are low is the general consensus after mtarlo111 put his resume on the social news site Reddit for a critique in mid-February.

"[I] used to work in Australia, so I know 2 pages is the norm. Still i'd consider slimming down to one page. you've got a lot of white space on the page, looks like you increased margins, etc to get it to two pages," writes user cypresssplit.

He also recommended mtarlo111, who says he graduated with a Bachelor of Mining Engineering in June, to emphasize accomplishments at his last job rather than talking about day-to-day tasks.

"Example lifted off my resume: Planned and designed the mine’s haul road network to reduce haul truck cycle times and improve equipment utilization, helping to achieve a record high 18 million tonnes of salable ore production in 2010," writes cypresssplit.

PastInsidePresent worried that the resume is too bland and not eye-catching. The objective statement is also weak.

"[It] really says nothing about you or what you're looking for. 'Forward thinking company' just sounds tacked on," writes PastInsidePresent.

"Formatting. Formatting, formatting, formatting… As it stands it looks really bland. Just think, "If this were in a stack of other resumes, could it be easily identified and picked out?". At the moment, if I were hiring, I'd say no."

Creative Commons image by philcampbell