Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine

Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine

Owner: Hibbing Taconite

Type of Mine: Iron

Location: Minnesota, United States

Built: 1893

At 8kms long, 3.2 kms wide and 180 meters deep the Mahoning mine began as an underground mine but with iron deposits so close to the surface an open pit design was adopted.  As the site developed it became necessary to aggregate smaller open pit sections into one.  This conglomeration demanded the town of Hibbing to be physically relocated.

In 1919, after two years and at a cost of $16,000,000, nearly 200 houses and 20 business were moved – large buildings had to be cut in half before they could be transported.  At peak production, between World War I and World war II, the Mahoning mine supplied one-fourth of all the iron ore produced from the United States.  Today, after 100 years of resource extraction, the mine is still in use by the Hibbing Taconite company.


Image captured from Google Earth; Mahoning Mine, 3 July 2012

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