IMAGE GALLERY: Cleaning up the Arkansas oil spill

Pictures of the extensive damage caused by Exxon Mobil's 'Pegasus' pipeline that erupted early this month in Mayflower, Arkansas were posted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

About 84,000 gallons escaped from the ruptured pipeline.

Clean up efforts are underway.

Pictures show workers in protective gear and air filters pumping out contaminated soil.

Oil pathway through North Woods Subdivision, Starlight Street

Scrubbing down

Monitoring air quality in a nearby school classroom

Air monitors

Vac truck puming oil at pipeline rupture location, west of residence at north end of Shadetreee Ln cul-de-sac

North Starlight Rd facing east

Oil in drainage channel, flowing east from the Northwood SUBDIVISION

Berm created in ditch running between Main Street and railroad tracks


Oil along creek, approx 550 feet east of I-40

Exxon workers setting up pumpin station. Heavy rainfall created need to pump water across Hwy 89, so that patches place over culverts can remain in place.

Oil recovery ops west side of Main Street

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