Japanese bond collapse will send money flooding into precious metals: Pento

Veteran investor Michael Pento says the deep-rooted troubles of Japan's economy could send a rush of money into gold and silver should domestic interest rates increase.

Speaking to King World News Pento points out that Japan has longed suffered from exorbitant debt levels, yet its bonds have not collapsed due to deflation in Japan and the fact that most of their debt is in the hand of domestic bond holders.

New Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hopes to push inflation above the 2% level, however, which massively compromise the health of Japanese government bonds, potentially raising the country's debt service repayments to 50% of government revenue.

According to Pento concerted efforts by central bankers in both Japan and US to debauch their official currencies will only mean that more and more investors will be drawn to tangible assets such as gold and silver as a means of hedging against ensuing inflation.

Since central bankers are more determined than ever to destroy their currencies, it seems more important than ever for investors to store their wealth in alternative currencies that cannot have their value inflated away, and that means increasing money flows into both gold and silver.

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