JKTech partners with ALS

JKTech Pty – the technology transfer company for the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) in Australia – has partnered with the ALS Laboratory Group – an international leader in analytical testing services – to form ALS Mineralogy. With JKTech’s world class MLA technology, combined with the strength of the ALS’s global network of laboratories and the expertise of the ALS Mineralogy personnel, this new joint venture company will have the capacity to provide the global mining and mineral processing industry with a wide range of mineralogical analysis and diagnostic services.

JKTech has specialist expertise in ore characterisation and process improvement. Its MLA bureau service has developed a strong reputation in the provision of mineralogical analyses of precious and base metals, industrial minerals, slags and dusts for a range of mining and mineral processing applications. This bureau service will now be delivered by ALS Mineralogy with the objective of expanding the service in Australia and internationally.

ALS is a large analytical laboratory organisation with a global presence; processing more than 10 million samples per year and operating more than 90 laboratories in over 30 countries spread out over six continents.

JKTech will continue to enhance the MLA technology, which is widely recognised as the global leader in automated mineralogy with the largest installed base worldwide. MLA systems will continue to be distributed and supported in collaboration with JKTech’s strategic partner FEI Company. Together with JKMRC, JKTech will provide ongoing research and development of the MLA system for the benefit of ALS Mineralogy and other users. www.jktech.com.au

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