Join a Live Discussion about Responsible Mining

The Guardian Professional will be holding a live discussion about sustainability in the mining industry next Thursday, 13 December. Do the efforts towards "green" mining have an impact yet? Join the discussion or submit your questions to the panel of experts!

Mining doesn't exactly have a great reputation in the sustainability sphere. By their very nature, the extractive industries go against everything that sustainability practitioners stand for: they remove without replacing and they have major impacts on the local environment, not to mention the impact on the communities around the mines themselves.

But on the other hand, we all use things that are ultimately linked to mining – from technology to jewellery to utensils and automobiles, all are made with minerals that have come from the very mines environmentalists campaign against.

On Thursday 13 December from 2-4pm GMT […] [o]ur panel of experts will talk about the sustainability measures in place in the mining sector, how to assure the supply chain, the impact of Dodd-Frank, and how the sector can address the issues it faces.