Joinlox and Xstrata Technology Sign Licence Agreement for Innovative Joining Technology

Brisbane-based companies Joinlox Pty Ltd and Xstrata Technology have signed a global licensing agreement on the use of Joinlox's innovative mechanical joining system in Xstrata Technology's new range of modular mineral processing tanks.

Joinlox specialises in innovative mechanical joining systems for a range of products and applications. The Joinlox technology won the ABC's New Inventors 2008 Invention of the Year.

Xstrata Technology – a subsidiary of the diversified mining company Xstrata

– develops, markets and supports technologies for the global mineral processing and metals smelting and refining industries, and was awarded Australian Exporter of the Year for Large Services in 2008.

"Xstrata Technology has a strong reputation of providing world-class innovative technologies to the mining and mineral processing industries,"

said Joinlox CEO John Pettigrew. "We are delighted they have chosen to work with the revolutionary Joinlox designs. Our technology is ideal for constructing modular tanks and vessels on remote sites and for tough operating conditions.

"Our technology provides unique advantages over traditional welded tanks and vessels, including much shorter delivery lead times, faster and safer erection and installation, lower costs and modular flexibility.  It allows for any tanks of any size to be manufactured in small components in low cost areas. These components are easy to transport and fast and simple to erect in any location."

Mike Hourn, Hydrometallurgy Manager with Xstrata Technology, agreed. "This technology provides a faster, lower cost, safer way to build high quality tanks. A further advantage for the mining industry is that tanks can be easily disassembled and re-located if required."

Original inventor of the Joinlox concept Dean Cameron got his inspiration for the technology from the way clams attach themselves to rocks via hooks on the end of hundreds of silk-like filaments. Joinlox, too, uses a series of interlocking hooks, which are joined together by a "key" which slides between the hooks. The hooks on Joinlox convert the shear forces into tensile and flexural forces, dramatically increasing the strength and pressure rating of the join.

The patented technology does not use traditional fasteners, welding or adhesives, all of which are either expensive, time-consuming, irreversible or lead to weaknesses in the joints. The system can be adapted to suit almost any linear or complex joints and provides rapid, strong and pressure sealed joints across a broad range of materials and combinations without costly equipment or highly skilled expertise.

Joinlox can be used for a wide range of applications, from the construction of storage tanks and structures to returnable containers and crates, electrical enclosures, large diameter pipes, rapid formwork and bridge piles, and a range of building materials and construction methods.

"Before commencing any new project, we carry out an initial engineering and cost analysis that involves comparing Joinlox with all other available methods, designs, costs and processes," said Pettigrew. "From this we are able to provide a clear indication of the savings and benefits our clients may expect to realise by implementing the Joinlox system for their products or applications."

Joinlox is continuing discussions with other international manufacturers across a wide range of industries, exploring ways of using Joinlox technology to overcome joining problems.