Justin Bieber loses $40,000 gold chain at Toronto nightclub

Canadian pop musician, Justin Bieber, has reportedly lost a $40,000 gold chain in an altercation at a Toronto nightclub over the weekend.

According to TMZ, a club-goer “tried in vain to tackle” Bieber after he left the VIP area for the dance floor, charging him and grabbing his shirt as the singer tried to defend himself.

But Orin Bristol, operations manager at the Adelaide St. W. nightspot told Canadian Press the fan was a “little guy” trying to take a photo with the pop star and he was knocked to the ground by the artist’s security staff.

“The fan was just a small little guy,” Bristol said. “He wasn’t being aggressive.”

Pictures that appear to show Bieber and his entourage standing around someone on the floor of the club have been circulating online.Toronto police, however, said they hadn’t heard about the incident, and there had been no comment from the Bieber camp.

Bieber made headlines in May after German customs officials seized his pet monkey.

Image by Joe Bielawa