Keystone XL fails to meet Obama's conditions: Redford

The Keystone XL pipeline will trigger the expansion of oil sands, causing carbon pollution to increase by more than 1.2 billion tonnes over its 50-year life, which basically goes against President Obama’s criteria, said Thursday actor turned environmentalist, Robert Redford.

In an opinion piece published by The Huffington Post, Redford argues that as a "major driver of tarsands expansion" and therefore a significant contributor to climate change, Keystone XL should be denied a permit.

We would have to park every single car in America for a full year to make up for the carbon pollution the tar sands pipeline would dump into our atmosphere.

… Canadians don't want tar sands shipped across their waterways, ranches, communities and farms. Well, neither do we.

Obama is expected to make the final decision on the Keystone XL, by far the most debated pipeline in history, in the fall.

Image from WikiMedia Commons