Larox Flowsys Expands its Peristaltic Pump Range

Larox Flowsys, the preferred supplier of cutting-edge flow control technology, announces the launch of its product range expansion with the Larox LPP-T32 and LPP-T50 peristaltic pumps. In addition to these new sizes a whole new pump model, LPP-M for accurate metering, was launched in June 2008.

“We have expanded our peristaltic pump product group with the sizes LPP-T32 and LPP-T50”, says Matti Riihimäki from Larox Flowsys Pump Products. “Now it is easier for our customers to find the best solution for their process requirements among Larox peristaltic pumps. We can now offer peristaltic pumps with exceptional performance and reliability in all size ranges, from LPP-D15 up to LPP-T80”…MEIOnline