Live blogging from the 2012 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference – Day One will be live blogging from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this Sunday. You can also follow us on Twitter @mining.

You can find a full agenda at the Cambridge House website.

Entering the Vancouver Convention Centre. It is a rainy and windy day in the city. A long line has formed.

The booth for's parent company, InfoMine


Interesting questionnaire, brought to you by Intierra, that is flashing on the projectors while we wait for this afternoon's speakers to start:

QUESTION: How many active copper mines are there in British Columbia in 2010

QUESTION: Which province or territory in Canada has the most mines and projects?
ANSWER: Ontario.

In the Era of Globalization: It is not an Oxymoron to Talk of North American Self Sufficiency: In Fact it is a Necessity

Thomsas Drolet at 1 p.m.

  • "There is going to a big change and use of energy supply in the next 10 years."
  • "We forget that amongst the renewables, hydropower is the largest component forllowed by wood. Half of Canada's energy consumption comes from hydropower."
  • On the other hand, coal is the predominant energy suppliers in the U.S.
  • Drolet said that natural gas obtained through fracking is going to be the number one change over the next decade.
  • "[Fracking] is a very good example of a technology turning an industry on its ear."
  • Fracking is also widely available in democratically stable countries.
  • Drolet said there was 54 nuclear reactors in Japan before Fukushima, now there are just five. Some of those will come back, but Japan will have to find answers in coal and natural gas.

The Macro Themes and Stock Symbols MY Investment Guerillas are Following 2012

Gianni Kovacevic at 2 p.m.

  • "I invest in companies that have overwhelming fundamentals."
  • "Money wants to be invested. There will be a flight to quality."
  • "Uranium should be the catalyst of 2012. Fukushima has happened, but it will be business as usual."
  • Kovacevic says his┬ánumber one pick for this year is UEC. Kovaceivic says that this stock is heavily shorted
  • "There is a day of reckoning and I believe this company will over perform."