Lucara recovers 240-ct gem from Karowe

The 240-carat top white gem diamond recovered recently from the Karowe mine. (Image: Lucara Diamond)

BOTSWANA – Earlier this month, Lucara Diamond Corp. recovered a 127-carat top white diamond from its Karowe mine. And the good new just keeps coming. This time the company has recovered a 240-carat top white gem from the same mine.

Since mining began in 2012 at Karowe, a total of 43 diamonds heavier than 200 carats have been recovered, including 12 stones larger than 300 carats.

Lucara CEO Eira Thomas commented, “This top white 240 carat gem diamond was mined from the M/PK(S) unit within the South lobe, providing continuing confirmation that large, high quality gem diamonds are recovered throughout the kimberlite, in all lobes and phases on a regular basis.”

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